A collection of Recipes by Deborah Dolen

Turkey Brine Recipe

TurkeyBrineEvery year now our Turkey ends up smashingly good.  I first rub a few drops of food grade white thyme essential oil in it, and then I soak it overnight in the brine recipe below.  If you did not know it, the KFC secret is actually to soak the chicken in brine [salt] over night.  After I prepped the turkey with the brine, I stuffed and cooked it in a bag until the last hour.

An hour before taking out of the oven–it is important to open the bag to allow the turkey to brown.  Follow the directions on the bag.  But a Roasting Bag makes it moist and supple.  Oh, it was so good all the way through! The brine even permeated the stuffing.  I don’t know about you, but I make a walnut, apple, raisin stuffing I begin by browning some Jimmy Dean sausage and Vidalia onions.  I caramelize the onions with lots of black walnuts also.  Yeppers, that is how it is done at Mabel.  That is about as far as the cooking effort goes.  And I throw a splash of bourbon or cognac in the stuffing.  Whatever I have handy.  I wrote the recipe below last year, to pack this in a jars and give as gifts this year.  Well, at least you have the idea.

Deborah Dolen’s Turkey Brine Blend

 6 Ounces of Salt

 2 Ounces of Wild Thyme

1 Ounce of Wild Sage

1 Ounce of Rosemary

1 Ounce of Moroccan Coriander

½ Ounce Marjoram

3 Tsp. Of Colored Peppercorns

2 Tsp. Black Cumin (.02 Ounces)

This also helps make awesome gravy so everything revolves around a good brine, turkey and bag.