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Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe


Photo by Deborah Dolen

I can feel it in the “air” and so ready to embrace autumn. Pumpkins are one thing I really look forward to. I love pumpkin anything, fudge, pie, ice cream, muffins, the list never ends in my head.

There are endless things we can do with pumpkins, and one of them is my decadent Pumpkin Smoothie. This recipe includes yogurt but you can use milk or ice cream. Libbys canned ready pumpkin pie mix is the key. You can exchange the sugar for stevia, or splenda, the same goes for the maple syrup.
So, what do you do when you are in the mood for Pumpkin Pie but squashed for time?




Ingredients: [Makes 3 cups or 24 ounces]
1 cup Libbys ready Pumpkin Pie filling
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup maple syrup
Ground cloves, nutmeg or cinnamon for topping
Whipped cream for topping

Combine pumpkin, yogurt, milk and maple syrup in a blender until smooth. Pour into glasses, top with a dollop of whipped cream and a dusting of nutmeg, cinnamon or ground cloves.