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No Bake Dog Treats

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Please don’t forget to book mark this page! The “no bake” or “no heat” version of this dog treat recipe makes it easier for children or aging adults to participate. It is almost like making play dough. A food processor comes in very handy – but be warned if you have a good French manicure going on, you may want to use gloves. The chlorophyll in this recipe is VERY green and one reason why the recipe is so great to calm a canines stomach.

ringo the dog

Photo sketch of “Ringo Dawg by deborah dolen” by Deborah Dolen.


I created this dog treats recipe for my aging Golden Retriever. The recipe is “no bake” to retain the nutrients and so good, even I eat it! The recipe is excellent to freshen breath, calm the stomach and relieve some joint inflammation issues experienced by aging canines. It contains a high gelatin (collagen) content which is great for tendons and joints that they would naturally get if they were wild dogs. The recipe also contains powdered Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM which are both superb anti-inflammatories.

My recipe also features activated charcoal and chlorophyll which work together to calm and alkalize the canines system as well as mint which promotes fresher breath. My recipe is based in powdered rolled oats (oatmeal) and peanut butter which makes it all happen. “No bake” is ideal to retain nutrients, using gelatin as the hardener–but I do offer a second recipe which omits the gelatin – is slightly easier, less stickier — but does require heat to make a hard treat. Gelatin can just be mixed into a dogs regular food which is wonderful collagen for joint support. You can mix dry gelatin right into your canines food, a “table of doses” for gelatin is at the bottom of this recipe. You can buy unflavored gelatin in bulk for like $7 a pound, usually from a natural health food store.

As far as the supplements, I just powder existing Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM tablets in the right dose-(diving total pills I powered by by how many treats i tossed the powder into.) It is very hard to hit a toxic amount when dealing with those particular substances.

My dog Ringo is starting to get Arthritis, having a hard time jumping into our SUV. If he gets one of these treats a few hours before, he can scale it now. Ringo Dawg tends to know what a pill looks like, and will truly eat around any pill…so incorporating the healing supplements into his treat is a great way to make him think he likes it. Even with clean teeth, he is also getting funky breath from just sensitive stomach as he ages, so activated charcoal is great to alkaline the stomach and chlorophyll as well, they work together doing double duty – calming the stomach and making the breath fresher.

Originally I purchased the “large” Greenies for my Dog Ringo. They cost up to $10 each for a large dog so I cannot do that everyday, and barely every week. I notice it did freshen his breath and appeared to calm his stomach. On top of the breath issue, I needed a clever way to introduce various supplements to his treats. Using the recipe below, large treats run about fifty cents each. Peanut Butter and Rolled Oats is the main cost so if you see “Buy One Get One Free” on peanut butter, or rolled oats, it’s a good deal for this purpose to stock up.
This recipe should allow for more pets to enjoy high end treats even if their owners are on shoe string budget. Meaning even if you feel financially broke-you may have LOTS of time!! As I designed this recipe I focused very hard on a “no bake” recipe because I believe heat lessens the effect of the active properties, and because it makes treat making so easy, kids or aging adults can even join in as a fast, easy and rewarding project for Rover.

Ringo Dawg’s True No Bake Breath & Tummy Treat

by Deborah Dolen – Author
Makes (12) 3 ounce treats or (24) 1.5 ounce small treats
First Mix these two so the Gelatin softens….

1/2 cup of unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup cold distilled water
Then add 1 cup of boiling water until it dissolves…

In a food processor:

5 cups powdered rolled oats [You can just powder dry oatmeal]
1 cup creamy peanut butter
3 tbsp vegetable glycerin [optional but great for coat]
1 tsp [15 ml] Liquid chlorophyll [Wholefoods has this]
1 tablespoon of activated charcoal [10 capsules opened]
½ cup dried mint and/or parsley

Powdered Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM Powder [I just pre-powder this up to 24 pills from Sam's Club that are 750 mg G-HCI and 600 mg Chondroitin sulfate each & MSM is incidental]

Slather one cup of the oat powder onto your rolling surface because the blob in the food processor can be sticky when starting to roll or shape. If your in a big hurry you can toss the final mixture in a well greased cup cake pan and bake it or set aside somewhere to harden.

Mix all ingredients together, slowly pouring the gelatin in the food processor last and as it is spinning. It should get close to ball stage very quickly. Remove from food processor and place on your work table (the surface where you put one cup of the oat flour.) Knead it a little onto the oat flour and from that point cut into shapes or lay out in a rectangle pan to cut into shapes after it has hardened. It takes about twelve hours to harden, four hours if placed into the fridge to harden. Keep one aside because your dog will expect it!

*Since this is no bake, distilled water is the best medium to work with.
*Bake them for 20 minutes on 400 degrees if you plan to use fresh herbs because of microorganism issues, and double the amount of herbs when using fresh instead of dried.
Cost: It cost about $3 to make a batch, the peanut butter and herbs being the bulk of the expense. If you grow your own herbs it can be cheaper – but ensure they are dry and clean because this is a no bake recipe. Liquid chlorophyll and Vegetable Glycerin are nominal but hard to find locally. For my large dog this means fifty cents each. That is a LOT better than ten dollars and also addresses his Authur-it is again issues.

Adding Gelatin to Normal Canine Food Dose Chart

GELATIN DOSAGE: twice a day added to food:
10 – 25 lbs 1/2 tsp
25 – 50 lbs 1 tsp
50 – 75 lbs 2 tsp
75 – 100+ 1 Tablespoon