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Oatmeal Apple Betty – Low Calorie Recipe by Deborah Dolen

Low Calorie Oatmeal Recipes

Oatmeal Apple Walnut Betty Low Calorie Crock Pot Recipe

I have lost a lot of weight the last half of 2014 by eating apples and steel cut oatmeal all day beyond eliminating milk and substituting with unsweetened almond milk.  I was never hungry and lost 24 pounds.   An apple is usually 60 calories, a cup of steel cut oats and groats (cooked) is 150 calories, and this recipe makes the best of all my favorite ingredients.  This recipe is low in fat and averages about 100 calories per cup.  You can even douse it with almond milk [to make your all important moat around your castle] and still only up the calories maybe by 15 more.    If you want to top with with a low calorie ice cream just make ice cream with your almond milk and a little vanilla stevia sweetener.   A scoop of that would only be maybe 20 calories.

As far as apples go-I learned to like them so much I bought a french fry cutter meant for potatoes and re-purposed it to make “Apple Fries” and I use this to cut my apples for this recipe (with the skins on!)  Regarding maple syrup I find Log Cabin Sugar Free is great in flavor and beats all other fake maple syrup brands hands down.  Log Cabin Sugar Free is like 20 calories for a half a cup!  It really caramelizes well and makes this recipe so great. 

So staples in my diet?  Steel Cut Oats, Groats, Almond Milk, Log Cabin Syrup and plenty of honeycrisp apples.  The Westin french fry cutter I use is in this link at Amazon, and no, I do not sell Westin products.



Recipe for Oatmeal Apple Betty – Low Calorie 

Makes at least 12 servings

3 Apples, sliced with skin (They still taste great w skins trust me on this one!)
4 cups of Water
1 cup of Groats [Uncooked]
1 cup of Steel Cut Oats [Uncooked]
1/2 cup of Log Cabin Sugar Free Maple Syrup
6 teaspoons Vanilla Extract
6 teaspoons of Cinnamon
4 teaspoons Sea Salt
6 Drops Liquid Stevia or Sucralose
Black Walnuts and/or Raisins 1/4 cup
Layer in Crock pot starting with apples-no need to stir!  Its best if you do not stir.
Cook in crock pot 4 hours on high.  Serve with Blue Diamond Vanilla Unsweetened Almond milk or make ice cream with the  Blue Diamond Vanilla Unsweetened Almond milk [only 30 calories per cup!]


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No Bake Fruit Cake Recipe w Rum by Deborah Dolen


Worlds Best No Bake Fruit Cake RecipeThis took some digging but SOOO well worth it!   Think creamy graham crackery gooey fruity and nutty.  This is no bake although should be refrigerated because it does have eggs in the making.  You can also soak your fruits in spirits prior to assembling.  You can use bourbon, rum, or other spirits you may prefer.

2 1/2 cups maraschino cherries chopped
3 cups raisins
1 cup pineapple diced
1/2 cup mixed fruit and peels
1/2 cup lemon peels diced
1 cup to 10 oz. chopped Black Walnuts or Pecans
9 cups honey graham cracker crumbs
1/2 lb. or 1 cup blended butter (melted)
1/4 cup Agave Nectar or Molasses
4 to 5 eggs
1/4 cup Rum, Bourbon or Cognac
7 oz. pureed coconut
24 oz. honey or Agave Nectar
1/4 cup orange juice

Mix blended butter, syrup or molasses, eggs, rum/cognac and orange juice together.  Then add honey, when well blended add fruits and nuts, mix & then add fine graham cracker crumbs.  When thoroughly mixed this should form a thick paste.  *Note: I now love Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum – It is very affordable and full of vanilla, caramel and spice notes.

Line 3 or 4 loaf pans with aluminum foil then pour mix into pans compacting and leveling each mix in pans.  I prefer the new decorative pans that look like wreaths,  Place about 10 whole Black Walnuts or Pecans on top and whole cherries as desired.  Place a cloth soaked in rum/cognac on top and place in refrigerator.  Re-soak cloth every 2 to 3 days and continue to store in refrigerator until served. It is suggested that the fruit cake be made two to three weeks before serving.

Turkey Brine Recipe

TurkeyBrineEvery year now our Turkey ends up smashingly good.  I first rub a few drops of food grade white thyme essential oil in it, and then I soak it overnight in the brine recipe below.  If you did not know it, the KFC secret is actually to soak the chicken in brine [salt] over night.  After I prepped the turkey with the brine, I stuffed and cooked it in a bag until the last hour.

An hour before taking out of the oven–it is important to open the bag to allow the turkey to brown.  Follow the directions on the bag.  But a Roasting Bag makes it moist and supple.  Oh, it was so good all the way through! The brine even permeated the stuffing.  I don’t know about you, but I make a walnut, apple, raisin stuffing I begin by browning some Jimmy Dean sausage and Vidalia onions.  I caramelize the onions with lots of black walnuts also.  Yeppers, that is how it is done at Mabel.  That is about as far as the cooking effort goes.  And I throw a splash of bourbon or cognac in the stuffing.  Whatever I have handy.  I wrote the recipe below last year, to pack this in a jars and give as gifts this year.  Well, at least you have the idea.

Deborah Dolen’s Turkey Brine Blend

 6 Ounces of Salt

 2 Ounces of Wild Thyme

1 Ounce of Wild Sage

1 Ounce of Rosemary

1 Ounce of Moroccan Coriander

½ Ounce Marjoram

3 Tsp. Of Colored Peppercorns

2 Tsp. Black Cumin (.02 Ounces)

This also helps make awesome gravy so everything revolves around a good brine, turkey and bag.

Bit of Honey/Almond Candy Recipe

deborah-dolen-honeyobitCopyright © Deborah Dolen 2006-2011  Excerpt The Beekeepers Digest
This is my absolute favorite candy and I do not make it often because I will eat whatever I made the same day.   It is very easy to make and fairly healthy minus all of the sugar.
No honey book would be complete without this!
1 Cup of Honey
1 Cup of Sugar
2 Cups of Dry Powdered Milk
2 Ounces of Almond Paste or Crushed Almonds
To Make:Melt the honey, sugar and almonds until reaching 270 degrees F, stirring constantly as not to scorch. Let cool to 180 F and then stir in dried milk powder. Allow to cool to 110 degrees F and then roll onto a cutting board. Cut into rectangular chucks. Allow to harden. Wrap in wax paper to store. This makes about 6 dozen pieces.A Variation of this high energy treat is known as Halva.2 cups brown sesame seeds1/2 cup flax seeds4 T honey4 T sesame oil
Finely grind all dry ingredients together and then slowly add warm honey and sesame oil. You can roll these into balls and store in the refrigerator. We like to dip ours in “dipping chocolate” and at times add pistachios to the mix.

Excerpt The Beekeeper’s Digest Copyright © Deborah Dolen 2011 This e-book is available in full version on Amazon Kindleand Barnes and Noble Nook. By Deborah Dolen 

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*Republish my work all you like-but make sure I get credit, a link to this source, and it is for positive and like purposes.

Best Gyro Meat Recipe

deborah dolen gyroBest Gyro Meat Recipe by Bestselling Author Deborah Dolen
Gyros are great and even better with fresh sun ripened mushy tomatoes and sweet Vidalia onions as well as sliced cucumbers or lettuce. The cucumber yogurt dressing (known as Tzatziki sauce) [recipe link below]  and grilled pita bread make it all happen. Many people get stuck on where to get Gyro Meat? Well, if you can find it – you can safely assume it is over priced. 33% ground lamb and the rest lean ground beef  with garlic and other spices mixed in – and you have home made Gyro meat! You can mix this up, roll it flat and freeze it to almost frozen if you want to cut strips. Few recipes I have seen mention lemon and if you have ever had a gyro served to you – you can see them often spritz the gyro loaf on the rotisserie with lemon. That breaks up the fat a little and definitely compliments the flavor. This is an excerpt of my bestselling Beef Jerky recipe book. The eBook also has a recipe for making jerky Greek style in a dehydrator which is not a ground type recipe as this one is.

The simple Cucumber Yogurt Sauce Recipe is here:


To make this you can also use a jerky gun if you happen to have one. A jerky gun looks like a cake decorating tool.  You can quadriple this recipe and baste it on a rotisserie or just make it jerky style in a dehydrator.  Mine gets made with the oven method.  I make extra and freeze it for future entertaining.

Makes 1 to 2 pounds depending on cooking method

2 pounds lean ground meat

1 pound lean ground lamb

Combine the meat and knead these spices into it:

4 tablespoons Lemon Juice [This goes on at the end to baste]

1-2 tablespoons garlic powder

1 tablespoon thyme powder

1 tablespoon paprika

1 tablespoon onion powder

1 tablespoon salt

1/2 tablespoon oregano powder

1/2 tablespoon marjoram

1/2 tablespoon cumin powder

1/2 tablespoon black pepper


Mix all desired ingredients and press through a jerky making utensil such as “Jerky Works.” The Jerky should be dried at 155 degrees and may take anywhere from 8-15 hours to dry. Absorb any excess fat on paper towels. This recipe does not store for long periods of time as non-ground beef recipes that can last for several months. If you do not have a jerky gun, you can also use the freeze and cut method used in the “Hamburger Jerky” recipe in this book.

Baste your Gyro meat with the lemon in the last hour of dehydration.

This is wonderful served with toasted pita and fresh sliced sweet onions, tomatoes, lettuce and Tzatziki sauce also known as Cucumber – Yogurt sauce. The simple recipe is in this book.

Oven method at 140 degrees could be 12 hours, but I am not really out to dry it so much, so 4 hours is fine for me.

Cucumber Yogurt Sauce Tzatziki

Cucuumber Yogurt Sauce16 ounces plain yogurt (I use lowfat)

1 medium cucumber, peeled, seeded, and minced (I do not peel all of mine to have some pretty green coloration)

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons vinegar

6 fresh mint leaves, finely chopped [Optional because few people have this handy]

Process all of the above in a food processor and chill to serve later with any Greek style dish.  I bump mine so it leaves chunks of green cucumber in there which adds to the texture and color.   RELATED RECIPES:  Jerky Recipe Book on Kindle Beef Jerky Recipe Book on Nook Deborah Dolen on Pinterest  

Make Your Own Vitamin Water

How to Make Your Own Vitamin Water by Deborah Dolendeborah-dolen-vitamin-water
As the heat beats down with summer approaching the need for us to hydrate kicks up a notch making the pastel colored vitamin waters look more and more inviting. The fact bottled vitamin water contains some vitamins and minerals makes us feel less guilty about the price-we had to hydrate anyway, so we look at it as a big bonus. More clever marketers like BORBA are focusing in on vitamin related results such as “Face Firming” “Age-Defying” and “Skin Toning” as they prominently display the vitamin attributes on their labels. Although I have no clue as to their claims of efficacy, I just see a lot of “B” vitamins and know they help greatly with stress. Vitamin B is known as the “transitional” vitamin. I also know vitamin “C” helps with the immune system, I know I do not take enough and so I buy them. The BORBA bottles are so nice I save them to recycle and pour my own home made vitamin water in. I am far from the only one that has succumbed to vitamin water. Vitamin water is so popular Coca-Cola just bought Glacéau Vitamin Water for a cool $4.1 billion. Ten bottles [a gallon] is about $30 retail. Unfortunately the plastic count on the environment is surreal.

With distilled water approximately .88 cents at Wal-Mart, you can make a gallon of your own vitamin water for under $3 a gallon. Buy distilled when possible. Oddly it is the same price as “purified” and I know what can be in purified. When making your own vitamin water you can even make ice cubes and in just about any flavor you want! Easiest to use pre-mixed, just mix up pre-measured powder packets with the sweetener, flavor and vitamin elements so you can add to a gallon of distilled water on demand, or split a gallon and make two flavors in two 64 ounce pictures. For uniformity I would blend all ingredients dry in a magic bullet but that is not necessary. I work in a laboratory so I enjoy personally buffering things together. Select water soluble vitamins and minerals-sources discussed below. Also keep in mind some people say the sugar in vitamin water negate any nutritional value. That makes sense, and sugar does turn to acid in our bodies. For this reason I use stevia, a zero carb herb 3,000 times sweeter than sugar. I am not even crazy about fructose crystals used to make most vitamin water, but I would think second best to the zero calorie stevia. Always buy Stevia in bulk. I think small amounts of stevia or liquid stevia are far can be far over priced.

FLOWER+GLASSFlavor ideas can include lemon, lemon-lime, lychee, acai berry, strawberry, banana and or coconut-pineapple. Cherry & coconut works well as a blended flavor, so does raspberry and blueberry. The flavor possibilities are truly endless. Since coconut rarely comes as a “flavor” I will usually add 16 ounces of coconut water to my gallon formula. It is great for the kidneys, naturally anti-microbial and a little sweet. Some people do facilitate Kool-Aid flavoring and coloring and use stevia for sweetener. They buy the kind you add sugar. I am OK with this since I also use flavors and color in my lab and I know they are well under 1% of the formula. I know it is the 99% percent rule that matters. Such as drinking 99% questionable water sources can far outweigh any use of color or flavor-and many people do not question their water source. I only use distilled unless I know the mountain source of any water. There are few pure sources anymore. In my research someone did a funny and in-depth report of Kool-Aide flavors. I smiled they were “so into it”- go to this link for that!
http://www.bookofratings.com/koolaid.htmlSweetener choices include stevia, which is my favorite, crystalline fructose, or just plain cane sugar as the popularity of unrefined sugar is escalating. You can also use Splenda, I am just leery of any artificial sweeteners these days. Stevita is another way to secure flavor and color, a stevia product.http://www.nextag.com/stevia-flavored-drink-mix-powder/products-html I am still OK with a little Kool-Aid and adding my own stevia. The point of vitamin water is that it is not as flavorful and more like water. Stevita makes a Strawberry [God I adore strawberry!] and 2.8 ounces is reported by users as making 3 + gallons. The company does not stress how much 2.8 ounces makes is the only issue. Amazon does seem to be the cheapest right now at $4.80 a jar. Bonus – it seems to have 183% daily recommended vitamin C in it. Unclear what shipping would be. 16 ounces sizes are available and more economical by far.

Vitamins, here is the great news! If you buy powdered vitamins they will last a long time in a dark area of your fridge. You can use them in skin care preparations. I think Vitamin B6 is just awesome in lotion for rashes or hives. This is the operating ingredient in Gold Bond itch cream. That and menthol. Typically $10 an ounce retail I opt to just make the effective cream for myself. I can make 16 ounces for under $5. Vitamin C can be used to easily make Vitamin C “serum.” Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. Again, it is on the acid spectrum so take care as to the dosage when you make that.

As far as vitamins in Vitamin water-understand your vitamin palette. Buffered C powder is ascorbic acid whose sourness is balanced by calcium, magnesium, and potassium—in other words, electrolytes. So, Buffered vitamin C powder is the basis of making any vitamin water. People do use Emergen-C brand to make their own vitamin water. If you plan to use Emergen-C do your calculations. Do not consume too many vitamins, you could potentially over tax the kidneys. So, weigh out in your mind how much you would drink a day of your vitamin water and gauge your dosage accordingly. You can modify the recipes below. When just starting cut your batches by 1/10 to make sample batches. It is usually easy to calculate a recipe down to 10%. Here you are just trying to figure out your comfort level on vitamin taste. Your local vitamin store may be the best way to secure buffered vitamins. I will post some sources on the internet once I use and like my sources.

For best suspension mix your powder with a few ounces of the water before you add that to the whole gallon. I always mix a few ounces in my Magic Bullet before I stir it into the gallon.

Kool Water Recipe
Each recipe makes a gallon. You can half the recipe to make ½ gallons.

1 gallon distilled water
2 Teaspoons buffered C powder
2 teaspoons liquid super vitamin B complex [Twin labs is one brand]
1/2 ounce stevia powder or 6 ounces crystalline fructose, splenda, and/or sugar
Optional – Flavor and color

Easy Clarified Butter Recipe

Clarified Butter Recipe by Deborah DolenButter in Long Term Food Storage: It Can be Done!

I have often thought if I were to ever need my food storage for a long length of time, such as weeks without electric, I would truly miss butter.

Recently I figured out I do not have to miss it and perhaps I should be using it on a daily basis. Butter has been around long before refrigeration. How is that? The key is “clarified” butter. Julia Child’s is a huge fan of clarified butter. Clarified butter enjoys a good shelf life and does not require refrigeration. It withstands higher heats when cooking and does not turn brown. Simply separating the milk solids from the healthy “fat” does the trick. The more certain you are the milk fat is out, and no water has entered the scheme of things -the more you will enjoy a long shelf life. Adding sea salt also helps extend longevity but is not required. Clarified butter shelf life is 6 months if stored in a stable vessel such as glass. It has a year life in refrigeration. So, ideally, you have up to six months if you experience loss of electric.

Making clarified butter is so neat I determined to make it with only organic butter or butter from Ireland which I think is totally cool and relatively hormone free. Cultured butter is best so try to find that. Cultured butter means that the cream sat in a cool place for a day prior to being churned into butter. I pour my clarified butter into a sterile glass for storage or easy pouring. Dishwashers usually can be set at a high enough temp to help make things sterile. For everything else there is 190 proof Everclear which is my germ killer of choice. Naturally you must wait for all alcohol to evaporate before something can be figured as sterile.

Method to Clarify Butter

The best way to clarify butter is simmer it in a pan. Allow the water to evaporate and the milk solids to coagulate together. (Butter does have some water content.) Skim any “foam” off the top first. Strain through a fine sieve. Strain a second time if in doubt. I use coffee filters because I have them from my laboratory where we make flavors. You could also use a turkey baster to just siphon the clear butter off. Experienced chefs simply pour it off-but I find milk solids float up into the pour. You cannot allow that to happen. Water content is about 18% so you should capture 80% of the butter you bought into a final clarified product.

Clarified Butter: A Global View

The word actually comes from the French “clarifier” meaning to clear something up. The English use clarified butter to store their shrimp in a process known as “potting.” Indian Ayurvedic cooking calls it “Ghee” and is a pivotal part of their diet. Africa adds really neat spices such as ginger and nutmeg. South Asia and the Middle East cook it a little longer to actually caramelize the milk solids which lends it a nutty flavor. The Scandinavian cheese “Ski Queen” is from this process in part. Ski Queen is my absolute favorite cheese and I go cross eyed just thinking about it! It is as addictive as a fine dark chocolate.