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Oatmeal Apple Betty – Low Calorie Recipe by Deborah Dolen

Low Calorie Oatmeal Recipes

I have lost a lot of weight the last half of 2014 by eating apples and steel cut oatmeal all day beyond eliminating milk and substituting with unsweetened almond milk.  I was never hungry and lost 24 pounds.   An apple is usually 60 calories, a cup of steel cut oats and groats (cooked) is […]

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Deborah Dolen Recipe Collection

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No Bake Fruit Cake Recipe w Rum by Deborah Dolen

Worlds Best No Bake Fruit Cake Recipe

  This took some digging but SOOO well worth it!   Think creamy graham crackery gooey fruity and nutty.  This is no bake although should be refrigerated because it does have eggs in the making.  You can also soak your fruits in spirits prior to assembling.  You can use bourbon, rum, or other spirits you may prefer. 2 […]

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Turkey Brine Recipe


Every year now our Turkey ends up smashingly good.  I first rub a few drops of food grade white thyme essential oil in it, and then I soak it overnight in the brine recipe below.  If you did not know it, the KFC secret is actually to soak the chicken in brine [salt] over night. […]

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Bit of Honey/Almond Candy Recipe


Copyright © Deborah Dolen 2006-2011  Excerpt The Beekeepers Digest This is my absolute favorite candy and I do not make it often because I will eat whatever I made the same day.   It is very easy to make and fairly healthy minus all of the sugar. No honey book would be complete without this! […]

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Best Gyro Meat Recipe

deborah dolen gyro

Best Gyro Meat Recipe by Bestselling Author Deborah Dolen Gyros are great and even better with fresh sun ripened mushy tomatoes and sweet Vidalia onions as well as sliced cucumbers or lettuce. The cucumber yogurt dressing (known as Tzatziki sauce) [recipe link below]  and grilled pita bread make it all happen. Many people get stuck on where […]

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Cucumber Yogurt Sauce Tzatziki

Cucuumber Yogurt Sauce

16 ounces plain yogurt (I use lowfat) 1 medium cucumber, peeled, seeded, and minced (I do not peel all of mine to have some pretty green coloration) 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons vinegar 6 fresh mint leaves, finely chopped [Optional because few people have this handy] Process all […]

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Make Your Own Vitamin Water


How to Make Your Own Vitamin Water by Deborah Dolen As the heat beats down with summer approaching the need for us to hydrate kicks up a notch making the pastel colored vitamin waters look more and more inviting. The fact bottled vitamin water contains some vitamins and minerals makes us feel less guilty about […]

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Easy Clarified Butter Recipe

Clarified Butter Recipe by Deborah Dolen

Butter in Long Term Food Storage: It Can be Done! I have often thought if I were to ever need my food storage for a long length of time, such as weeks without electric, I would truly miss butter. Recently I figured out I do not have to miss it and perhaps I should be […]

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